What is A Maze In Tchaiovna?

Surrounded by books, musical instruments and board games, the teahouse provides a space for different social gatherings such as chess club, language lessons, reading groups and craft workshops. With the monthly cultural programme, we’ve also become known for serving up a wide variety of cultural events in both Czech and English; theatre, comedy, discussions known as “Tea Talks”, live music, poetry nights, art exhibitions, film and workshops. We pride ourselves on being a friendly & welcoming establishment, serving great loose teas from all over the world, unique & authentic varieties of Indian masala chai (plus a few recipes of our own!), prize-winning micro-brewery beers plus yummy pies and mouth watering curry!

A Maze in Tchaiovna was founded in 2014 by Helen and Andy Fell with the intention of not only providing a space where people can have fun and relax but a place which encourages the arts and community. Now  at Kafkova 18, Praha 6, the teahouse is in its 3rd and final location.

Decoding our name....

“A Maze in” pronounced “Amazing” is our evolving concept, reflecting the ever-changing interior. We want customers to explore their surroundings! Keep an eye out for hidden “secret” doors and peep inside, you never know what you might find!“Tchaiovna” in turn comes from “Čajovna”, Czech for teahouse, but spelt in the Anglophone way, like our sister “Tchai-Ovna” in Glasgow, the first Bohemian-style teahouse in Scotland.We are here to support the arts and we love doing it!